Paul Klee Masks

Build faces filled with emotions using the layered picture of a face here in the Senecio painting by Paul Klee and create masks to celebrate carnival.

"I am .....First person singular masks

  • Practise emotions,feelings and characteristics with the children
  • Add actions to express the emotions.
  • Share the picture of Senecio with the class.
  • Ask the children to volunteer "spoken" phrases and words to express feelings , emotions and characteristics that they feel best match the different coloured patches on the face in the painting.
  • Give each child a circular piece of card large enough to cover their faces-  a paper plate would work well too. Ask the children to cut  two eyes  and draw a mouth and nose.
  • Ask the children to write out emotions, feelings and characteristics to describe themselves on strips of paper. 
  • Ask the children to add these written word strips to their card board face and glue them where they feel they best fit e.g. some emotions are expressed by the eyes (e.g sad/happy/tired/excited) or some adjectives may be best placed by a mouth beacuse they are about how talkative someone is ,other descriptive words may be feelings inside oneself so fit  in the brain so glued  to the forehead.
  • Ask the children to colour in their faces with colours that match/represent the messages on the individual written strips - so the children may select for angry or active  adjectives , green for calm adjectives, yellow for happy adjectives etcetra. 

He is .../she is ..... 3rd person singular masks

  • Complete the same activities as above but this time either divide the face mask in to a male and a female half of a face or make one side of the mask male and the other side female.
  • Focus on accurate use of agreement when using "he is...2 and "she is ..." in the target language. 
  • You could use characters from a famous fairy tale or story for this.