Pancake Pile Challenge.

Practising spelling of familar language and building team piles of pancakes.
A pancake team challenge for beginner language learners who know their numbers, colours and with children who are moving on who also know fruits,vegetables and possibly flavours) 

  • Cut out four sets of five coloured circles(each circle represents a crepe).
  • Ask the children to count the pancakes for you and to say the colour of the pancake using target language to complete both tasks.  . 
  • Make four piles of the pancakes - one from each colour in each pile.
  • Each of the piles will ultimately belong to  one of the four teams.The teams have to win the pancakes
  • Divide your class on to four teams.
  • The aim of the game is to win the crepes.Each team nominates a "writing" chef.
  • This chef must come to the front and write what you say. For example you could say colours, number, fruits, flavours (i.e is language linked to the number and colour, imaginary flavour of pancakes and fillings).
  • The aim of the game is for writing chef from each team to win for his/her team one of each of the five coloured pancakes that you have cut out of paper.The chef must write clearly and correctly the spelling in the target language of the word you say.
  • You could play this as a speed challenge with two team's chefs up at the front at the same time.
  • You could change writing chefs after each challenge.
  • Which team will have their coloured pile of pancakes first?