Flavour pancake flipping

Spoken flip the pancake

A challenge for language learners who have practised flavours (of ice creams) and can use the phrase "je voudrais"

  • Remind the children of the flavours of ice creams.If you use PLN soW thens this will work well with Year 5 as we practised  flavours of ice creams in Summer Year 4.
  • Share a picture of a pancake and ice cream and ask them to explore in a game of verbal table tennis the possible flavours of the ice cream in the picture. To be played as a pair game.Who runs out of flavours first? Take feedback of the flavours from the class.
  • Discuss with the Year 5  children other possible flavours made up of the fruits and vegetables that if your are ising the PLN SoW you are  currentltly investigating in our healthy eating module..
  • Share all these ice cream flavours and fruits as a written record on the board.
  • Give the children chance to try to memorise the phrases you have written on the board.
  • Ask the children in pairs now to play flip the pancake (just like verbal table tennis) where they take it in turns to say a flavour "e.g je voudrais une crepe au chocolat".
  • Make this a time challenge.Tney must say a complete and polite request /sentence.
  • How many flavoured pancakes can they flip in 2 minutes?
  • Make it a "head to head" game and invite volunteers out to the front to  play the "Spoken flip the pancake" challenge!