Coordinators' February Checklist

Here is your February Coordinators' checklist.Some of the list below is pertinent to network members but some may be of interest and use to non-network members too.You can look back at our September,October,November,December and January Coordinators' Checklists too

Our Network News blog page on the website has a record of up to date in class activities and outcomes too that you may find really useful to share with colleagues.Take a look here

Network News

Our annual conference is on Thursday 29 June .The theme is "Progress with Primary Languages" .There will be three key note presenters and a choice of  workshops led by local practitioners too.All school members for 2017-18 will receive a free delegate's place.You will be able to register from mid- February so watch your emails!


  • You have probably already seen the C'est Emilie French clips.We are making these for evey half term of the PLN Ready Made French SoW and start on the Spanish equivalents this Friday.Here is a blog post of ideas to develop the language of the clips back in the classroom learning environment. C'est Emilie
  • Have you attended a local network meeting?This brief information video clip gives you a flavour of what to expect


  • The local Spring networking twilights start on 8 February in West Cheshire and 9 February in Leigh followed by Warrington,St Helens,Sefton, Knowsley ,Halton, Cheshire South and East,Manchester ... Registration is available on the PLN website here .Focus is on "Spring in your Step"- Jack and the Beanstalk, healthy fruit salad master chef performances ,plant pot stories etcetra.These meetings are free and open to everyone.Resources will be put on the VLE in the Network Resources area in the local network meeting file later this month 


  • Have you seen the creative writing sheets which are linked to the half term focus of the PLN SoW? You can access these directly from Ready Made French and Spanish and they have been created in German too. 


  • Have you booked your free VLE support phone call and/or webinar with Will, oiur Network Support Coordinator? The phone call can take place at a time that suits you and focus on an aspect of the VLE that you want to explore or require support with.Contact him on .
  • Why not consider booking a free 20 to 30 minute input at a staff meeting with Will,as an introduction for all staff to the VLE and its tools? Contact him on
  • Have you booked your free 1 2 1 consultancy yet with one of our associate teacher consultancy team? This meeting can take place in school or by phone and is a really valuable opportunity for you to discuss current school primary language teaching and learning and to set yourself achievable next steps and goals for primary languages in school. Just contact us via the website contact page to organise this. Take a look at this short information video clip too and find out why the 1 2 1 is so valuable.
  • We are now offering "Yoga with French" and this may be something that school would like to book in as a summer festival day session or a treat after SATS.Read more about this here Yoga with French termly summary.
  • As we announced last month,Emilie Woodroffe has a new role within our organisation as the "Associate Teacher Coordinator. She will be visiting the associate schools both to observe the teaching and learning and to meet with the school MFL coordinators to discuss how we can enhance the associate teaching programme we provide in 49 of our network schools.Watch out for her "Snapshots" of lessons in the PLN Blog, starting on 1 February.
  • We are delighted to say that the first schools are now achieving the network Primary Languages Development Award.If school is interested then please get in contact with us. More details are here too. .Well done too Bruche CP and thanks for all your hard work toward this -Bethany Glynn!
  • Our Spring term Coordinators CPD was well attended .We offered this as both an afternoon and a twilight session and the focus was upon "Reading,Writing and Evidencing Progress". All network members can access all the materials, resources, a video training clip too in the Network Resources area of the VLE.Select the MFL coordinators CPD folder and then select the Spring 2017 file. We have sent out an email to inform all coordinators of this too. 
  • You can read more about ideas to develop reading and writing skills in these two blog posts 

Writing Down Progress

Reading Detectives' Ideas

And now finally ideas and resources you may wish to look at, save or share with others to celebrate special calendar events this month,Don't forget that there are many more in Seasonal Specials on the VLE and also running through the main body of the Ready Made SoW on the VLE .....

To celebrate la chandeleur on 2 February or Pancake Day,Valentine's Day and also to start planning for carniavl.Activities can be used  in all languages

Pancake Pile Challenge

Flavour Pancake Flipping

Dingbat pancakes

Radiant Hearts Sentences

Paul Klee Masks