With support we can all teach primary languages!

Well it is the end of the first week back. It's been a very busy week .I have already delivered 1 to 1 consultancy in Manchester in one of the 190 network schools working with us and organised over twenty 1 to 1 consultancies between school coordinators and PLN associates .Our associate teachers have been in to most of the 49 schools working within the PLN Associate Teacher Support Programme. Just as the week comes to an end on my Twitter feed  appeared  the tweet above. A fantastic end to the week !.

We are a network of schools and teachers who believe that everyone can deliver effective primary language learning, given the correct and sustained support. 

Six years ago it was just me and the 45 schools and now the whole network has evolved in to a much bigger and better "support machine" - specialist and non- specialist teachers working together within a network to build sustainable and effective language learning.The native speaker associate colleagues help us to get the language and cultural celebrations just right and the associate teachers bring so much to the table  with previous or current experience as primary language coordinators, SLT, HLTAs and secondary language teachers. Each and every school brings their own piece to the support framework too - from the sharing of a successful activity to a whole school language day or  new approach that we can share immediately via the VLE (virtual learning environment).

It is all together as a network of specialist and non-specialist primary language teachers that we are now able to offer all round support for the teachers who have to deliver primary language learning across their own schools or in their own classrooms.

Support ranges from:

Primary language teaching and learning is our passion and we would love you to join us.Find out more here.