Making best use of the User Files on the PLN VLE

Yesterday whilst at a school  for a 1 to 1 consultancy ,we discussed the ways the school cpould use the "User Files " area on the PLN VLE (virtual learning environment). The User Files  really should be seen as the school trewasure chest of language learning and progress.

For PLN network members this is located on the school's home page of the VLE when a member of staff logs on.

All school staff have access to this area and this is a secure area just for your school and can not be accessed by other network members, who will have their own secure area "User Files" too. 

Below are the ways we considered that the school could make best use of the school's User Files this year......  

  • Create a folder in  the User Files area and clipboard (copy and paste) from anywhere on the VLE resources and links to folders that school may like to use for special events e.g. yesterday we used this to create a European Day of Languages area for staff in the school so they could select activities and resources quickly and efficiently for their own classes, that the coordinator thought would be useful in her school.
  • Add important resources and activities to the existing Y3,4,5 and 6 folders as they are found or searched for on the VLE or as they are sourced or created by the coordinator. The Y3 teachers for example then have a point of reference to go to (the Y3 folder in the User Files) to find documents, resources and activities that the school cooordinator wants to bring to  staff attention or wants  staff to use.
  • Use the already existing "Assessment folder" in your User Files to pick,select and clipboard relevant documentation and tools from the VLE so that these can be accessed and used by staff during the year to measure or track  progress in learning.
  • Create a "Tracking Progress" folder where staff can load from their desk tops updated PLN class tracking sheets on a termly basis and update the class spreadsheets as the children progress in their language learning skills across the school year.
  • Invite staff to use the existing year group folders  in the User Files area to upload evidence of children's speaking and writing- sound files/ APPs / photos of writing and display etc.They can create a sub folder within the year group folder entitled  for example "Y3 2016 Speaking and Writing Evidence" 
  • Create a "Celebrations" folder in the User Files where the coordinator can load photos of school events  celebrating language and culture or story reading or visits from native speakers.

Simple but effective and really useful for the busy primary languages coordinator and staff or to share with the visiting PPA teacher.