First week back network coordinator's checklist

Here are our network coordinator's first week back checklist bullet points. Have you.....:

  • Shared the VLE log in with staff?
  • Shared the school user files on the VLE with staff and explained how to clipboard resources to the relevant year group's user files?
  • Shared ways that you would like the language learning environment to be developed across the whole school.(This blog post on setting up and starting off at the start of the year will help you) 
  • Shared the Ready Made French or Spanish complete KS2 lesson planning and resources with KS2 staff and shown them how to access this via Teaching Resources? (This blog post on Ready Made will help you)
  • Shared the KS2 German SoW Plus lesson planning and resources if your school teaches German of course!
  • Shared the European Day of Languages  resource folder in Seasonal Specials Autumn 1 folder on VLE ready for week of 26 September? 
  • Shared the resources and lesson ideas for International Literacy Day on 8 September and Roald Dahl Day on 13 September? You can find these in Seasonal Specials Autumn 1 on VLE
  • Shared the link to "Staff on board" blog post and the simple greetings , numbers , colours activities that all staff could engage with this half term with their classes?
  • Provided relevant class teachers (and PPA staff) with Tracking Sheets (to be sourcde in Subject Planning area in MFL Coordinators Tools folder on VLE)  - one per class - to keep a record over the year of progress across transactional language,phonics,grammar, Puzzle It Outs , DfE Attainment Targets. (This blog post on Assessment will help you ) ? 
  • Shared the KS1 learning packages if school has decided to embrace language learning from EYFS to Y2 too? 
  • Taken a look in and shared signage and school classroom language learning tools,such as table mats and posters for school classrooms and corridors  from the Link and Learn website within our VLE?
  • Emailed us to organise your free 1 to 1 Consultancy this year with one of our teaching associates?

Now keep a look out for your free local network meetings .Coordinators' CPD and the date of the conference next year!