Popcorn whizz banger birthday cards!


Popcorn and birthday card celebrations for Roald Dahl!


  • ·         Ask the children to think of adjectives to describe the characters in one or more of his famous stories. Write them up in English on the board.
  • ·         Select the best ten adjectives.
  • ·         Which of these adjectives do the children already know in the target language?
  • ·         Using bilingual dictionaries look up the adjectives the children do not already know.
  • ·         Write up these 10 adjectives on the board next to the meaning in English of the adjective.
  • ·         Write the adjectives on pieces of paper and then scrunch them up –and pop them in a box – like popcorn. Play a game of Roald Dahl popcorn charades. Can the children take it in turns to take a scrunched up piece of paper and act out the adjective and can the class guess the meaning and locate the target language adjective.

Ask the children to make thier own popcorn style (see tweet at top of page) birthday celebration cards  for Roald Dahl. Ask the child to add their favourite five adjectives from the list you have made as “whizz pop banger words” zooming out letter by letter from the popcorn box.