Staff on board in September!

Ready for the new academic year and successful whole school participation in primary languages?

Here are a few steps you can take this September to  encourage staff to take their first steps - getting on board with primary language teaching and  learning

  • Introduce your staff to simple greetings and numbers and colours activities that they feel confident to use and share with the children.Take a look at the activities here and share these with the staff at an early staff meeting this academic year: Greetings and a simple question , greetings and feelings, colours, Fantasy football teams and numbers
  • Support staff to create first language learning displays with the children.Here is a very simple activity for the children  to make;


  • Have you thought about and organised some simple easy to feliver activities of European Day of Languages on 26 September to celebrate languages from around the World? Here is a really simple and creative step by step guide for an idea for all your staff and children:  A bouquet of greetings