How to use our assessment tools in your school

Over the last two years we have been working upon the best ways we can find to develop assessment in primary language learning that is meaningful and also manageable. Below are the core tools that we are now using in schools- working with a variety of different approaches.You may wish to adopt and /or adapt these tools to help you during the next academic year track , assess and plot language learning progress.

If your school is a network member you can access all these tools on the VLE .Go to the home page and select Subject Planning and then go to MFL Coordinators Toolkit or you can also access the assessment tools in the Subject Coordinators' folder in the French/Spanish and German KS2 SoW Plus.

The AfL clouds are proving really popular in schools.We recommend that you download the word documents and create individual A4 documents for each term for each child. The children can glue these in record books and complete with 1,2 or 3 stars or ticks, depending on how secure they feel about each statement.

The Tracking sheets have been updated this year as you can see below.As the PLN associates  work in 49  of our 190 network schools we find our Tracking Sheets invaluable as a dialogue tool between school , class teacher , coordinator and associate language teacher.One sheet per class teacher and one sheet kept by the associate, updated by the associate and a copy photocopied half termly or termly for the coordinator to keep in her PFL record. The tracking sheet informs everyone about development of transactional language, phonics, grammar, language skills , progress in 4 core skills and progress against the DfE ATs.  

We have tried to make it as easy as possible for all teachers, class teachers, PPA teachers ,HLTAs delivering languages and subject coordinators and SLT. Network member schools of  Primary Languages Network  can access on the VLE all the materials and resources needed to track and assess. Schools can use some or all of the Puzzle It Out activities, the phonics tracking activities and the grammar tracking suggestions to acquire evidence of children's growing language skills progress.These are also hosted in the Subject Planning area of the VLE in MFL coordonators Toolkit and also in the KS2 SoW Plus area in the Subject Coordinators folder. 

The appropriate age and stage half termly Puzzle It Out assessment activities/guidance which now include native speaker listening resources plus the phonics and grammar trackers activities are all now  also directly linked (just one click away) to the Ready Made French and Spanish.

To enable effective dialogue between teachers, parents, SLT and  OfSTED, all network members have access to Assessment Benchmark Descriptors based upon the stage of learners' language learning skill development across the four main language learning skills of Listening,Speaking ,Reading and Writing.

And to make sure school has an uptodate record which can provide data  to demonstrate stage on stage progress of year groups , cohorts and individual pupils ,there are downloadable spreadsheets which can be updated over each academic year. These are in the Subject Planning area of the VLE in the MFL Coordinators Toolkit.

Hope this helps. Please get in touch via the link should you want to know more. Contact us here.