Party mood verb music!

It's the time of year to celebrate the learning that has taken place.Here is a simple idea to allow your more advanced learners celebrate and show off their ability to manipulate present tense verbs.In our network children in Year 5 and Year 6 have met to have, to be and looked at how we form a regular present tense verb. Let's focus here on "party mood verb music!".Can your class help you to  create "party mood verb music" and focus on verbs associated with a party e.g to eat, to sing , to dance, to celebrate....."

In stage one ....

  • Ask the children to think about types of instruments street musicians often play e.g guitar, saxophone, flute , violin , drum 
  • Can the children decide which instrument suits the sound of the infinitive of the verbs you are focusing on for "party music"? 
  • Ask the children to organise themselves in groups as a band of street musicians,.Each child needs to select an imaginary instrument that they feel suits or matches the sound and pronunciation  of  one of the infinitives of the verbs you are using.
  • Ask the children to think about how each instrument is played and then to mime the playing of the instrument and make the pronunciation and intonation of their infinitive of the verb sound like the noise the instrument would make,
  • Can the group put together a simple infinitive performance of the instruments and verbs - repeated over and over again to a rhythm or rap that the group decides upon.
  • The group now has the chorus of their party mood verb music!

In stage two 

  • Either in pairs or individually ask the children to explore the paradigm of their specific verbs ,using the imaginary instruments which they are miming "playing" and keeping to the rhythm of the  rap they have created.
  • Alternate the chorus (stage one)  with a paradigm  of a verb verse etcetra
  • Give the children time to practise their music and create a confident performance
  • Now your bands have their party mood verb music - let the class performances begin! .