A French recipe from 70 to 90.

This is a simple and creative activity that we could use to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday  in French. Primary French language learners love the way the numbers are built up after 60 in French.  

Take a look with the children at the component parts of numbers between 70 and 90- so look at 70, 75, 80 , 85 and 90.

Invite the children to create a recipe of items to help a person keep happy , healthy and loved using the numbers you have investigated.

So for example with children who are at the stage where they are investigating nouns, you could ask the children to recall familiar nouns or look up key nouns they want to use or you could provide the children with the nouns and let them order them as they think fits the numbers best.Practise or discuss how we put the singular nouns into the plural and then ask them to build a number recipe with the plural nouns:

soixante -dix bisous

soixante- quinze arcs en ciel

quatre- vingts  sourires

quatre- vingt -cinq chansons


quatre-vingt- dix cadeaux

With more advanced learners ask them to add adjectives to the nouns and to practise reading aloud their recipes.

Why not record the recipes as spoken birthday cards too ?