Super Victor Euros mascot and imaginary friends

Thanks to Super Victor,the Euros mascot and his official UEFA page Super Victor UEFA page , I have thought of some really simple but effective ways of revisiting personal information, add in some maths and data collection and then going on to practise verb pardigms too....

  • A name question and a class survey.

On the Super Victor page it explains that public votes selected the name for the mascot.You can find the three most popular names for the Euros mascot  public vote .Super Victor  was the winner with 48% of the public vote, Goalix got 27 % of the vote and Driblou 25%. Does the class agree with this?

Simple class survey asking two questions and giving two responses as a class walk and surevy around the room activity. Which is your favourite name and which is your least favourite name in the target language? Children can give you the number of children they interviewed and the responses they collected for each name .UKS2 can convert the responses to percentages and all the children can draw up simple bvar charts to demonstrate their results.

Of course the class could do this with their own names for the mascots and this would work really well if you thought first about the game itself and the role of the mascot etc.children could find thier new names as nouns or adjectives in bilingual dictionaries.

  • Who are you?

Just what does the  mascot  that won the UEFA public vote look like?Share Super Victor's picture and create physical sentence descriptions of the mascot

You could build a physical description with these sentences from head to toe, .Each sentence contributed is one from children in the class.

Now add a new layer with his imaginary likes and dislkes  and his qualities .It's a male mascot so agreement of adjectives will be masculine- opportunity here to look at grammar with UKS2 or Y7 pupils. . 

  • Create a girl mascot -"Super Victor(ia)" .

What does she look like- colour of hair,eyes, clothes she is wearing etc and what's her personality  like? Ask children to create their female version of the mascot and then to read out to the class their descriptions, including qualities and likes and dislikes.Remember to share wit the children the change in adjectives and their spelling to match female. 

Bring the male and female Super Victor/ia  to life with one of the wonderful APPs that animate pictures such as Chatterpix or Yakit4kids.   

  • Dribolou and Goalix

. Why not create the characters for Dribolou and Goalix too

  • Players bibs' display

Create players' bibs for Super Victor ,Dribolou ,Goalix and our female mascot Super Victoria.The bibs should be  covered with adjectives that explain the attributes of a good mascot (fair,kind, sporty,friendly etc)correctly spellt to match the male and female mascots. the children coukd create a femaile version of one of rhe oether two runner up mascots Dribolou and Goalix to .This would be really useful if you go on to try and use the Verb Warm up below.

  • Draft tweet a question

If you look on the UEFA page you will see that SuperVictor has a twitter address.We obviously can't tweet him but we can create target language questions for the mascot.

Our children love draft tweets, so ask them to think of and write out their draft tweet questions for the mascot.

Ask the class to help you select the best five questions written by members of the class and then ask the class to respond in draft writing as if they were the mascot Super Victor.Which five responses does the class think are the most interesting .Great opportunity here not just for independent writing but also to practise reading comprehension skills.

  • Verb warm up 

And now we have the characters in place to create a paradigm of the verb "to play " in the target language and to add actions to the verb so we can perform this .

Most naturally of course we will be using the verb to play "football" so our actions will be dribbling , passing , shooting, scoring , saving a goal , blowing the whistle, tackling etc.

Divide your class in to groups and make sure there are boys and girls in the group .You need to give them names - Super Victor , Dribolou,Goalix, Super Victoria plus the two female names the class have created for the other two runner up mascots (see "players bibs' display" activity).The children should give themselves a team name and start the activity with their team name! 

Can the children create and perform an action packed footballers' paradigm, of the verb to play.The children can intriduce themselves as the mascots they represent either at the start of the activity or before each part of the paradigm.

  • Challenge of the Verbs

As the Euros is a competition , why not take this verb  warm up a step further and ask one team to perform against a second time .They should stand opposite each other and pperform line by line (taking it in turns ) their verbs with actions.Call it the "Challenge of the Verbs"