Advent calendar puzzle

Take one simple to make and numbered advent calendar .... and change the numbers to different shapes, colours and familiar objects (animal nouns for example or weather symbols) and then create  a reading puzzle for your young language learners. The tweet below inspired me and I added my own spin on it as you can see.

  1. Create the simple advent calendar at the top of the page.
  2. Add hanging boxes or cards with shapes, colours, objects, symbols instead of numbers.
  3. On the reverse of the cards draw a  large empty star.
  4. Write a sentence about each hanging box or card e.g "Look for an orange star or "Look for a brown big dog".
  5. Pop the sentence strips on a starry covered box.
  6. Invite a child per day tp take out a sentence strip and to show it to the class and try to read it aloud.
  7. Can the class help the child to finsd the correct hanging box or card.
  8. Take it off you advent calendar. Turn it over and invite the child to write in a sparkling pen the day's date in the target language and then hang it back on your advent calendar tree,