Voices in the city

Thinking of ways to celebrate the Year 5's language work this half term exploring the city and city life, I saw this tweet last week.It made me think about how we could create "Voices in the City" scenarios with the children that they could perform for the class.

And here below is the youtube clip....

My suggestions are:

  • Watch the clip and discuss  with the children how "welcoming" this clip is to a stranger in town .
  • Explore and brainstorm the various modes of transport,shops and amenities in  a city near you.
  • Explore with the children the voices you can hear around the city and the phrases you will hear again and again- somoen selling something , asking for the price, buying a ticket, explaining the way etcetra. Discuss the rich variety of languages that you can hear being spoken too.
  • Set the children the task to create a "welcome clip" to your local city in the target language that  you are learning as a class
  • Ask the children to select three items from the list of types of transport, shops and amenities
  • Ask the children to think of a phrase they would hear in each of the above places or transport
  • Can the children create a scenario for each of their selected places and phrases.The performance must have visual target language props (signage), mime (actions associated with the place or on the transport) and a  phrase associated with the specific place or transport. 
  • Put the children in to groups of six.Ask each child to shate his /her scenarios with the group.
  • Ask the group  to create a "continuous" performance of all their phrases and places called "Voices in the city".
  • The children should think of ways to split up each individual child's three scenarios so that they create a "group" performance, one child after another child acting out a scenario in the city and saying a phrase  
  • The children can add music, rhythm , repeated actions to link one place and phrase to the next.
  • Time to perform to the class!
  • What about filming the performances and  adding introductory music to create a class "Voices in the City"  clip?