Grand designs

The Design Museum in London has just opened.Great way for us to celebrate your work on prepositions, nouns, adjectives and present tense verbs with UKS2.

Ask your class to design an object you find on a room in the house but for the future(maybe 50 years in the future) which could be exhibited in the Design Museum. Create your own Design Museum board or book and take a class vote and select the best five  that the class think could be put in a Design Museum of the future.

First set the scene: take a look around the Design Museum opened yeserday.Share this with the children.There is a link from the tweet below that I saw on Twitter yesterday.

Brainstorm the types of objects you may find in the museum .Look up unfamilar objects in bilingual dictionaries. Create a "Class Curator's Checklist"

  • Ask the children to select three items from the "Class Curator's Checklist"
  • The children  should now draw three large inventor's thought bubbles - one for each item and write the each object's target language noun at the left hand side of a bubble. .  
  • To the right of each thought bubble ,the children need to draw a large speech bubble. 
  • Can the children add adjectives to their thought bubbles which they want to use to describe their objects of the future?
  • Now,using the verb "to be" and the verb "to have", ask the children write a series of sentences to describe their new household object in the speech bubble to the right of the thought bubble. 
  • Ask the children to proof read their speech bubble text (adjective agreement , correct part of verb, use of definite or indefinite articles and plurals)
  • Time to create the object.Using an APP such as Chatterpix or Yakit 4Kids ask the children to drw their object, take photo of it , upload the photo to the APP and record their speech bubble text description.
  • Bring the object to life with the speaking mouth option of the Chatterpix or Yakit4kids APP.
  • Ask the children now to create a written description with diagram to go in or on your Design Museum's board or book, ready for the class vote.