Colour celebration flags

End of the first term of learning with Year 3 spanish,looking for decorations for the classroom that link culture and the language we have been practising... this tweet caught my eye last week.

Why not:  create your own paper flags with cut out desugns in the colours the children have been practising.?

  • Share with the children the picture in the tweet above.
  • Give each child a choice of season, of month and then a colour that they associate with the month they have chosen
  • Ask each child to  draw in draft a simple pattern that they associate with the month they have chosen e.g a sunshine for July or a snowflake for January.
  • Ask the children to now select the piece of coloured card or paper that they associate with the month.
  • Ask the children to share with the class their designs and the choice of colour. The children can either hold up their designs and  say the target language month it represents and the colour of card or paper they have chosen or walk around the room and show each other.
  • Ask the children to draw on to their paper or card the design they have created. 
  • Ask the children to add the target language for the colour and the month to their coloured card.
  • Now create strings of colour celebration flags in your class.