Faces of the poppies and the cornflowers

  • I found this video clip a few years ago.It is a way of taking a look back at the people and soldiers in WW1.
  • I suggest you share a small part of the clip with you class and just ask them to watch and feedback to you in English the types of peoe and the scenes they see.
  • Ask the children to think of a person they have scene in the clip , a man , woman, child and  to create the character of the person behind the picture.
  • Can they give the person an age, a name, a town where he/she lives, likes and dislikes and maybe a role in the family (e.g mum,dad etc).Perhaps some of the children can also add  a profession if the person is an adult and can they decide if the person is a soldier.
  • Ask each child to write in draft sentences or utterances about and by the character they have created  e.g"Je m'appelle Jeanne.J'ai vingt ans.J'habite....."
  • Ask each child to drama flower with an empty centr- either a poppy or a cornflower. In the centre of the flower ask the children to generate a face of the person they have created.This is the centre of the flower
  • Around the centre they must draw atleast four flower petals and in each petal in the link colour (so poppies red and cornflowers blue pen) ask the children to write one of the sentences they wrote in draft. 
  • The children can either stick these flowers in their language record books or create a class display, a wreath of flowers that tell the story of the people your class has created from France in WW1.