PE and languages

PE and languages sit comfortably together. I think many of us realise this already. Children  and teachers, whether the teachers are specialists or non-specialists in languages can engage with simple listening and responding or simple communicative activities in target languages whilst exploring and participating in sa variety of sports.

With the return of the Olympians from Brazil we are launching our PE and Language Learning section to the network VLE . The parades in Manchester and London at the end of October will celebrate the sporting success of Olympians and Paralympians. We think it is an ideal opportunity to launch possible PE and language learning opportunities in school.

We are offering you the choice of four taster lessons of Olympic/Paralympic sports : Boccia, Handball ,Volleyball and Fencing/bib tag. These four taster lesson  make ideal cross phase teaching and learning lessons too - think Y9 PE volunteers working with KS2 pupils, focusing on both PE and simple target language learning! 

  • The lessons follow the normal PLN Ready Made format of three activities, the DfE KS2 MFL PoS AT and we have added relevant DfE KS2 PE ATs alongside these.
  • The lessons have been created by a PE specialist with primary PE experience 
  • The lessons can be delivered by non-specialists in both or either subject and there are sound files to support teachers and children in the target language learning.   
  • The target language and sound files have been provided by native speakers in the three languages

And following shortly we are creating complimentary sequences of lessons to combine your regular PLN SoW language learning with a PE option.Our first sequence will be up on the VLE in the next couple of weeks ,ready to trial with Y4 or Y5 Autmn 2 as they explore the town or city and community around them. Could be a possible way to extend and combine language learning and PE time in the very busy primary school timetable!