Caught my eye at LLS (European Commission stand)

This last Friday I spent the day at the Language Show Live in London,attending the STF Symposium and taking a look around the exhibition. Below are resources that caught my eye that you may like to investigate.....

First stop the European Commission stand which always has lots of freebies.Many of you already order these freebies as class sets for your school. Their picture challenge caught my eye - labels for milk from lots of  different European languages .What a great idea to collect with your children labels from food packaging to make a puzzle of languages from around the World about a food we all like to eat e.g rice, potatoes etc...


I love the door hangers (see below) and just think this would be a great way to engage a child every week to hang the out the door hanger as you language lesson starts. A different child coul dbe selected every week and everyone in school will be able to see that your class is busy right at that moment learning a language. Get a door hanger for every class and ask teachers to make this part of their language learning routine.

Busy learning languages.JPG

In some of our network schools we have teachers who can speak Welsh and children who may have relatives who speak Welsh or speak Welsh themselves.Why not order some of these free booklets below from the European Commission for your school library or UKS2 book corner? (See below) 

On the stand I was reminded too about how we can all access languages take you further online listening tool so that children can hear and read basic key words and phrases in varous european languages.There is an opportunity here to spot languages spoken in your own school community or new languages the children might like to investigate.Indivudally or as a class you can practise accurate listening and spoken repetition skills of familiar and unfamiliar languages.