Our VLE and example snapshots of learning

"VLE" stands for virtual learning environment and we love it!

The VLE allows Primary Languages Network to offer schools their own access point to teaching plans, resources,local and virtual network resources, MFL coordination tools, tracking and assessment, cross curricular and seasonal planning and resources Schools can build a learning programme to match their needs and  individual learning environments.

It is curently being used by 190 schools to enable them or help them to deliver primary French/Spanish or German in school every week of the year across KS2 ,using our KS2 SoW Plus. We also offer a comprehensive package of KS1 learning in French and Spanish based upon the experience of our 17 associate teachers who work currently in 49 network schools on a weekly basis. Schools have decided to become members of our network and not only access and use the materials on the VLE but in their own ways contribute and benefit from the ever growing community of knwoledge and experience.  

Ready Made French and Spanish is a new KS2 service which offers support to non-specialist and specialist teachers as they begin to deliver primary foreign languages. For every half term from Y3 Autumn 1 to Y6 Summer 2 teachers can access easy to follow lesson planning, bullet point activities, required resources, native speaker sound files and key words and phrases. Every activity has identifiedspecific DfE KS2 MFL ATs and the language skills across thee four years of KS2 skills progression are levelled against KS2 Framework descriptors .The activities address progression in the understanding of phonics of the target language and explore and develop a basic understanding of grammar .

The activities have been devised to offer maximum primary flexibility and creativity whether the teacher delivering the language has expertise or no expertise in the target language.Many schools use the resources as framework or scaffold as they upskill themselves not only in the language but also in the pedagogy and /or coordination of PFL. 

The VLE allows the team of associate teachers and myself to create and update bespoke and current resources,teaching plans and MFL coordinator tracking , assesssment and cross curricular learning tools etc.

The individual schools user files area allows schools to store securely appropriate planning , to share this with current and new staff and to add to this as they progress with PFL. Schools  ensure therefore that  the teaching and learning meets the needs of the children in the individual schools. Schools are able to capture and store securely evidence of children's activities and outcomes across all four core skills and keep a record of progress being made..  

We are able to pro-actively support individual schools via the VLE tools such as  school lockers, network blog posts, face to face and virtual 1 to 1 consultancy meetings and local and virtual network meetings. 

Below are example snapshot lessons across KS2 from Spring/Summer  2016, based upon lesson plans and resources from the KS2 SoW Plus .........

You can contact us here for more information and a tour of the VLE

Creating fantastical animals - nouns and adjectives with Year 3 

Colours ,parts of the body and adjective agreement with Year 4

At the market, questions and answers , roleplay and performance with Year 5

Cafe contradiction conversations, extending sentences and adding opinions and arguing about favourite sports  with Year 6

Carnival time and conversations in the crowd with Year 3

Designing our aliens with Year 4