"First Week Back Feeling"

Below are some simple ideas to help teachers in the first week or two weeks back after Christmas.The ideas are tried and tested and we know they work well and give everyone a real language learning boost in the returm after what is often a hectic and too "short" holiday!

Celebrate Epiphany and practise language learning skills - culture and target language opportunities for different stages of learner are below

Count Down to Epiphany Numbers and Dates :Take a look at the numbers and the dates between Christmas and Epiphany, practise numbers from 1-31  and create Spanish advent calendars all the way to Epiphany.

Pass the galette or the roscon de reyes ! Revisit familiar language and practise sound spelling links with this whole class game!   

Celebrate Epiphany with Y5 and Y6 with our Jewels on the Crown activities,using and practising our adjectives and agreement .

Take a step away from cultural celebrations ands reviist familiar language - numbers and colours for example.

0-100%.It's the Winter Sales. Take a virtual trip to the January Sales with UKS2.percentages,numbers and Maths

Rocket Mobiles! To revisit and relaunch the language learning of your beginner target language learners