Understanding the DFE KS2 MFL POS

Over the last 18 months as part of the DFE funded WTSA/JLN Language Learning for Everyone we have been helping colleagues to understand and implement the requirements of the DFE KS2 MFL POS.

We are now sharing this CPD online.. Here is an online teacher tutorial "Understanding the DFE KS2 MFL POS" .

To access the CPD and the resources you will need to click on the link  below , register as an online delegate and then use the username and password to access the folders.These are located on the lefthandside of the page .Look for the DFE KS2 MFL POS folder and icon.Once you have registered then you will not need to register a second time to access these resources.Use the right hand online delegate link and input your username and password.

Understanding the DFE KS2 MFL POS CPD link

You may like to listen to the Teacher Tutorial too .This accessible in the folders and also below here: