Let's Read in Practice

Along with my colleagues Emilie and Ana we are developing a series of reading and exploring cullture lesson and activity packs to help teachers to explore the skills required to develop independent reading skills in KS2 primary language learning. The packs are called Active Reading and the first French sequence based on Epiphany is ready to share!

Working alongside myself ,the "Active Reading" packs are being designed by Emilie in French and contain the resources.lesson activity guides, teacher notes  and sound files to deliver specific reading skill activities -from sound spelling, looking for clues to reading comprehension tasks.We have tried to generate activities for beginner,mpoving on and advanced KS2 target language learners.

The first pack about Epiphany in France is being created by Ana in Spanish too and will be available shortly.The sequence of activities is based on the Let's Read CPD that we offered colleagues here in the North West funded via the DFE WTSA/JLN Language Learning for Everyone project.

To access the resources you will need to click on the link  below here, register as an online delegate and then use the username and password to access the Active Reading folders.These are located on the lefthandside of the page .Look for the Actve Reading folder and icon.Once you have registered then you will not need to register a second time to access these resources.Use the right hand online delegate link and input your username and password.

Active Reading link