Get ready for Christmas (DFE POS)

Last year we shared the resources you can access here in "Christmas and all that Jazz" with our DFE POS local network member schools.Some of the resources were also shared on line via my November and December 2014  blog posts on  Primary Language Learnng Today.You will find additional activities too here that we added as we worked our way through the  run up to Christmas. there is a common thread running through quite a few of them based upon "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".The activities range from very simple to more challenging.The activities can be used in KS1 and KS2.The intention is that these activities can help you to create a whole school focus and to encourage all teachers to join in.We have used the theme of "stars" as a springboard to create language learning activities which explores DFE POs learning ojectives and also offer opportuniities to learn and perform the song of course!

There are4 other activities too - such as the Rudolph and his nose so bright "Knock !Knock ! Who is there ?" speaking activity. the speaking and writing triaramas and  a  story power point "I love Christmas" to allow you to create story boards,written texts  and  drama and spoken performances (perhaps for a Christmas assembly  with more advanced learners .We are sharing the ideas early - so that you can spend some time deciding in which weeks and with which classes and for what purposes you may like to use the ideas and resources.We hope you enjoy them .

You can learn more about the ideas and how to use them here in this You Tube clip

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