"Going back to school"(DFE POS) and exploring reading and writing!


Let's explore reading! In a couple of weeks (19 November) Vicky Cooke  will be in Warrington sharing her wonderful ideas on ways to practise and develop reading skills in the target language.This is part of our DFE POS WTSA/JLN Language Learning for Everyone project.The CPD sessions just like the "local network meetings" in the first half term of each school term  are free and  everyone is welcome. In our "LNMs" around the North West last half term to set the scene for the Let's Read CPD with Vicky we consider ways to show, share, explore and use text creatively. The downloadable resources help broaden vocabulary, understand basic grammar and speak and write in full sentences (describing people,places and objects ) in line with the DFE POS learning objectives.They can potentially help you consider ways to develop deeper ,more cross curricular learning.School and the language around school is an area lots of us teach so we have explored this theme in a variety of ways! There are  various AfL games to revisit  basic school content,there is a  back to school in the 1950s and 1960s in France and Spain ppt and with the help of Little Red Languages we have animated "Aliens go to School" stories.These stories are accompanied  by lesson guides so that you can investigate the structure, the language and the content... before becoming creative with some of the content in the slides.This online tutorial explains this better! (The sound on the animated stories is clear when you play them for the children but in the You tube tutorial below the native speaker sound is not as clear)

To download the resources described above and those shown in the video clip simply register as an online delegate here on this DFE online training page  and you can return to these resources after registering via the online delegate button on the same page.

And finally today from Woolston CP we received these "outer space" school bookmarks -created by Year 5 after reading the story, investiugating the language and focusing creatively on the slide all about the alien's choice of reading book in his  Literacy lesson! Brilliant!