Let's Read CPD DFE POS

"Let's Read CPD"  WTSA/JLN MFL KS2 DFE POS project "Language Learning for Everyone" presentation,power point and resources are now online and available for everyone to access.!If you were unable to attend the presentation and workshop you can access the all the folders and find out more! Here is a "talk through"of the online resources,intended to help you access and use the resources effectively so that you can both develop your own knowledge of reading skills development in primary language learning and access resources for real primary lessons.

To access the resources you will need to click on the link  below here, register as an online delegate and then use the username and password to access the Let's Read CPD folders.These are located on the lefthandside of the page .Look for the Let's Read CPD label and icon.The access and registration instructions are also explained on the talk through clip too. (Once you have registered then you will not need to register a second time to access these resources.Use the right hand online delegate link and input your username and password.)

Let's Read CPD and Resources online delegate registration