Books primary language teachers really enjoy!

You may have read  my previous posts Let's Read CPD and Let's Read (book  blog pots compilation) or you may have seen the tweets prior to the CPD on my twitter feed all about books and their possible role and purpose in primary language learning! 

At the Let's Read CPD yesterday I asked my colleagues to pop down on a slip of paper the name of their favourite target language story book and also why they like to use this partilcular book with their primary language learners.("Oo only one book !" was the general reaction!!) Here are some of the results......what ilike about the comments below are that these are real teacher commnets with their own experiences whilst using the books.Thank you to everyone! 

It is really important as well to understand that the teachers represented a broad range of primary language teachers - classroom primary non-specialist teachers and TAs, secondary now primary language teachers, specialist primary language teachers and PPA teachers.

El nabo gigante- because it's very repetitive and the children can join in really well whilst I am reading it,adding actions.It's easy for the children to act out too! 

Le loup qui veut changer de couleur (several teachers selected this book) - great for days and colours with a lovey message at the end! Can be used for listening activities too.Le loup books are always a hit with the children! 

The very hungry caterpillar- lots of people picked this one!  Here are some of the  teachers' comments -  Days of the week , fruits, numbers, caterpillar life cycle.Can even lead to role plays with a visit to the doctor abd an upset tummy .too! Children love it already so they are excited about it! Good way of recapping and learning lots of new language1

Los 3 cerditos - lots of opportunities for  children to participate, repeat  and to do some drama! 

Va-t-en grand monstre vert!(Several treacher selected this book)  Children always love it and you can create monsters afterwards too! Book was used very recently with Y2/3 and they loved it! Practise parts of the body ,colours abd adjectives too! 

Going on a Bear Hunt (with KS1) - the sounds in the language are fun to explore, also opportunties to create own dramatic learning e.g counting up and downstairs to safety, hiding from the bear etc!

La petite sirene - read today in class! The children were worried about not understanding but found they knew most of the vocabulary and liked comparing the story to the film! 

Una Rica Merienda- It is an hilarious take on Red Ridning hood.I teach it at the end of the toic food.It also works as a crosss curricular text ,as a fun explanation of healthy eating!   

De la cabeza a los pies- it has exciting animals doing actions the children love! Lots of first person singular verbs ,colours,parts of the body and a nice intro to the Jungle Animals unit on the JLN SOW !

Toutes les couleurs (several teachers chose this) - good for teaching colours and anticipation of vocabulary .Lovely simple story with clear illustrations.Good for colours,body parts and acting out too!

Bonjour Berthe - the children find it funny with short sentences that are easy to follow and repeat! 

La surpise de Handa - full of vivid,colourful pictures that can be used for colours,numbers,animals at a simple, moving on and advanced level.. 

Mama - because it is immediately readable and has a great last page! You can even read it to reception.You can use it for lots of counting,colours,animals ,rooms etc, etc

Cher Zoo- children know the story.They like learning the animals and from the actions we add to the story they can work out the meaning of the adjectives.

Hombre de color- challenges, thinking, perceptions.Cross curricukar links with PHSE.Accessibkle vocabulary.

The Gruffalo (was selected by several teachers) -the children enjoyed reading a familar text they love.Lots of repetitve language .Animals and actions

Chapeau- fun using lots of different characters and hats to bring children into the story! 

Le petit prince - you can use the visuals and there is a film that has a translation for the children to read.





Cher Zoo. -the children are already familiar with the story.they like learning the target language nouns for the animals.From actions they can work out the meaning of the words.