Let's Read

This week we welcome Vicky Cooke to the North West to speak at one of CPD pedagogy sessions as part of our DFE POS project "Language Learning for Everyone". Her session is called "Let's Read" and it is all about reading skills! 

Here is a compilation of all the blog posts that I have shared in the last two years about primary language target language books - French,Spanish and German.Hope that you find this useful! 

Why "reading in the target language is a great way!" to practise language with young learners.Range of French,Spanish and German favourites mentioned here! 

Toujours rien?!  Spring time story, performanc and drama

Reading and understanding book titles to stimulate creative speaking and writing.

Non fiction French books to explore and inspire young learners 

Celebrating international literacy day in early September each year and exploring target language books and links between languages.

German and Spanish books to inspire dialogue. Gute Nacht Gorilla and Buenos noches gorila

A French and German book "Heute bin ich/Aujourd'hui je suis ..."  to explore feelinhgs and get creative with emotions.

Drawing sketches of animals using the target language Kritzelbuch book in German

Carnival, the book Au carnaval des animaux in several languages and a series of activities 

World Book Day and a celebration of target language books! 

Spanish books - found in Spanish book shops  and immediately loved as additions to our SOW! 

More Spanish books we love and want to use! 

Describing people and future aspiriations in Spanish and roles (great with UKS2)

French book haul 2015 - my new favourite books and reasons to buy and use them!