Revisiting numbers and physical listening and responding

Every year you think that all the children have "got" those numbers ....and then at the beginning of the year you realise that ssome of the children really haven't "got" those numbers yet!!

Here is a physical and  novel ways to revisit and practise the numbers and keep everyone engaged and interested, no matter if you are still practising one to ten or counting up in tens or even three digit numbers!

Firstly children need to be standing in a clear space- away from chairs and tables and with sufficient space inbetween each child.The hall or the playground woud be an ideal space.

Physical Warm Up with Numbers (Listening and responding activity) 

  • Everyone stands up .
  • Tell the class that the number they represent standing up is a specific number e.g "eleven".You decide the number and this  number can be changed as you go along.
  • Ask the class to stand very still and listen...
  • If they hear a number higher than "eleven" (if that's the number you have chosen as the standing up straight number) they must reach to the sky with their arms and hands.
  • If they hear a number lower than "eleven" they need to touch their toes.
  • Start with one number and say it slowly 
  • Speed up the numbers- who can keep up?
  • Say a sequence of numbers (mixture of numbers,higher and lower than eleven ) which children can deminstarte a correct pattern of movements.
  • Ask for a volunteer to lead the activity.
  • Play the game as "the slowest to react is out"!