Blotting paper memory challenge!

I love working with teachers! They often challenge me to think of new ideas and approaches!
This morning I  was working with a group of new teachers and we were trying to think of ways to encourage children to explore the world of grammar and also to look at strategies that will help children when learning a language!
This idea came out of very simple discussion and I think would make a great activity to encourage memory,

  1. Give each child five minutes to locate between three familiar words in the bi-lingual dictionary specific words in the target language - think nouns or adjectives or verbs....
  2. Ask the children to write one of the word out carefully in felt tip on a piece of blotting paper.
  3. Can they now commit the word to memory - before it disappears from the blotting paper? (Add water droplets to the blotting paper - so it becomes "Now you see it! now you don't !)
  4. Ask the children to try this with the other two words
  5. Take feedback from the children on how they approached this challenge and what memorisation strategies they employed to complete the blotting paper memory challenge!