"Who are you?" and scarecrow caricatures of "I am....".

A few years ago on holiday in France , we drove in to a small bastide to find a very special festival taking place! A celebration of the local jobs and shops in the village! What a gift to a teacher of foreign languages .
Every shop keeper had created a full size caricature version of him or herself and his/her role in the village! 
These pictures allow us to practise and  consolidate children's knowledge of  the first person and second person singular of the verb "to be".

Scarecrow caricatures 
Take a look here!
Can you spot the baker,hotelier, butcher (!!!),pharmacist and doctor?

Take the pose!

  • Share the pictures with your class.Can they decide what jobs they might do in a town or village?
  • Do they know the names of the jobs in English? Can they find the names in a bilingual dictionary in the target language.What might they notice about jobs in the target languages - is there a different word for a male or a female person with that job title? What do they think about this? Do they think this is a good idea?
  • Ask them to find some new nouns for jobs in the target language using the dictionaries- are there male and female versions here too?
  • Write up on the flip-chart all the nouns you have found.Can the children "take the role" and in a voice which reflects the job they do  e.g mixing the dough or slicing the meat ,carrying heavy suitcases or looking carefully at medicine ,can they practise full sentence spoken introductions of each of the people and their jobs. The children will be using the first singular of the verb to do this (I am .....)
Guided scarecrow caricature tour of the town
  • Now let's try adding "Who are you?" and begin to conjugate the verb "to be" 
  • Ask children to volunteer to be a character  and help create a "scarecrow caricature tour" of the town.
  • Each volunteer  must think of an action representing the job you give them (If you can get hold of  the dressing up box from KS1 then they can get in to character with an item of clothing or a prop too). 
  • Can they take the pose?
  • Can they create the voice - what do the characters sound like? 
  • Can they add an action?
  • Can they put it altogether and become the scarecrow caricature?
  • Can the rest of the class ask as a choral question of each scarecrow  caricature in turn..."Who are you?"
Scarecrow caricatures
  • Can the children design their a scarecrow sculpture of one of the people you may find working in a town.Can they add the written question "Who are you? and the full sentence response "I am ....." ?