Verb processing machines

As our learners become more advanced in their target language learning and we look in more detail at verbs and how to conjugate verbs it is important that they process for themselves how to manipulate target language verbs and conjugate verbs.

Here is a simple visual activity which can help target language learners consider the "process" behind the conjugation of a verb

Talk with the pupils about the "infinitive being hidden in a sealed or locked box.
Can the pupils help you find the correct key to open the box.
The key they are looking for should be the key with the final letters of the infinitive we have to remove so that we are left with the stem of the verb to which we can add verb
  ending ( French - er/ir/re/ German- en/ Spanish- ir/ar/er)
Can we unlock the box and reveal the stem?
So now how can we process the verb....? Brainstorm ideas?
Now set the pupils the task of creating a function process machine that can take us from the infinitive to the stem through to the final written version of the conjugated verb:

stem ......personal pronoun to match the correct person etc...... verb ending that is correct...... final written conjugated verb with correct personal pronoun.

A second pupil needs to check that the first pupil's function process machine works and therefore try to follow the steps to produce for instance a second person singular present tense correct verb.