0-100 percent! It's the Winter sales!

Les soldes!

It's January and it's the Winter sales - what a gift to help us practise familiar and new numbers between 0 and 100 with our moving on language learners. You can add a mathematical twist for our older learners too and revisit familiar content such as clothes, colours and Christmas gifts. 

These activities will work well with our Year 5 and 6 children but could also be useful with Year 7 too.

The steps are:

  1. Practise those numbers 
  2. Take virtual tour of a sale
  3. Getting to grips with percentages and written numbers
  4. Play the percentage converter game 
  5. Convert the real price and find out where the sale tag belongs!

Simple first steps: practise those numbers! 
  • Counting up in fives or tens from 0-100
  • Counting down from 100- 0 against a count down clock in fives and tens  
  • Un-muddling mixed up number words- e.g. which two numbers in French can you see below?


Why not take a virtual tour of the sales in the target language country? For example here are the sales in the French department store Galerie Lafayette for Winter 2015

Getting to grips with percentages and the written form of numbers  

  • Step one with your class may be to practise percentages with the class in English 
  • Now you need some cards or bags labelled like the bags you can see on the picture below. It works best if each table has a set of bags or cards to sort- so all the class are actively working with numbers.
  • Ask your tables to sort the bags/cards in ascending order or in descending order
  • Ask the tables to listen carefully to a percentage reduction you call out and to use two bags from their table to create the number you called out.

  • Share written labels with the class and ask the tables to call out what they can read on your labels - loudest and most well pronounced "call out" wins the label for the correct bag on their table.
  • We are asking our children to really think about how they read and write familiar spoken words so there may be an opportunity here to ask the children to Look, think ,link and read
  • Ask your tables to label the bags in the target language with a written number card.
  • Ask each table to place the cards they have written labels on into the bags or under the percentage cards- they can decide to out incorrect labels in to the bags / under the cards.Ask a second table to investigate the labels and bags and to reorder the labels correctly .

Where does the sale tag belong?
You will need some sale tags like the ones in the picture below and pictures of/ or real items that you are going to reduce on price.

  • Try a percentage converter game in the target language.Say a cost and then ask the class to say the reduced cost when you write the percentage reduction on the flip chart .Let the children work in pairs or groups and use mini whiteboards to work out the new cost.
  • Ask the class to help you convert the real price to a sale price on items of clothing that the children are already familiar with in the target language.This makes a great listening activity.Share items or pictures of items of clothing with the children.(You could make this a challenge by saying each item of clothing adds so many seconds on working out time in the game - e.g 30 seconds per item of clothing remembered accurately) On the flip chart share as a written percentage the sale reduction for an item - you say the item in the target language and the normal cost of the item and the class must work in pairs on mini whiteboards to convert the price to the sale price. Who is confident to come to the front and label the item with the new sale price? Does the class agree?