Dennis the Menace concertina characters

Simplest of ideas to share target language learning and  Dennis the Menace on World Book day, (which is one of the World Book Day freebies!) with your more advanced orimary target language learners.
Make your own concertina Dennis the Menace characters and practise the new DfE POS learning objective.

Describing people in writing
Broadening vocabulary and developing ability to understand new words!

Here is a simple example in the third person singular- the description sentences make up the red and black stripes of his jumper!
I would suggest you support children with either key sentence prompts : name,personality,pets,likes .....or that for some children you provide writing frames with gapped sentences

And now we are ready for some spoken activities based on the sentences we have written on our concertina characters.
Here they are written in the third person singular - but the challenge could have been less by writing in the first person singular.
Ask the children to swap their characters with a partner- can the partner think of the questions they might need to ask to find out the information on the concertina character? Take the key sentence prompt words : name, pets, likes, personality and ask the children to think of core questions you can ask to find out this information.
Now your class are working on two more DfE POS learning objectives : 

asking and answering questions 
engaging in conversation 
and all the time they are 
describing people orally .