Last week before Christmas simple language learning activities

For the week before Christmas are some language learning activities that are easy to create and simple to use.

Stars,colours, numbers and a link to Van Gogh "Starry Night"

A target language song in French and Spanish to a familiar refrain to sing in the round,with a listening,speaking and reading element to the activity.

Using the song above,but breaking it down in to the sounds and letter combinations to create a listen, respond and reconstruct activity, based upon the theme of  "bell ringing"

"Knock! knock!Who's there?" activity/game with Rudolph pictures and a focus on the use of colours with ,masculine and feminine nouns. 

Using the simple open and reveal game to create "open and reveal "Christmas presents.
Take a look on this page too ,for the Christmas style open and reveal game 

One resource and three levels of Christmas character question and answer dialogues and conversations.