Associate CPD review and ready for Christmas! For Jo,Jose and Emilie !

We are all working so hard to make primary languages successful.This strikes me every time I look at Twitter and Facebook!

My favourite CPD every half term is when my wonderful colleagues and I get together to consider ways forward over the next 6 weeks with the schools where they teach once a week to support the schools with their development of language learning.

Yesterday evening we met ....and here is a resume of some of the meeting especially for Emilie,Jose and Jo G who weren't able to attend.

We have an organised long term and medium term plan that takes us from Nursery (in some instances) right up to Year 6 and we have built in flexibility for schools and classes that are beginners in Y6 or are moving on not yet advanced learners etc in Y6.Our CPD this year has very much become additional and extra and how to enhance what we do and keep in line with the new DfE POS.

Jo G, Jose and Emilie take a look here for ideas to use during the run up to Christmas please- plus note the possible learning objective link too (from DfE POS).Different activities are suitable for different ages/ stages and classes,so take your pick and link this in to the work we are already doing. 

Christmas greetings song as bell ringers

DfE POS : listen attentively/join in/respond/ speak in sentences

Ding dong bell

- exploring the sound patterns of the greetings song above and some simple writing activities to make Christmas decorations/ play a game

DfE POS:explore the patterns and sounds /speak sentences/read carefully / write from memory

(this is not normal pen and paper writing though!)

Christmassy conversations with puppets beginners/moving on/advanced

DfE POS: speaking sentences, engaging in conversations,describe people and places

Open and reveal four corners Christmas present style

DfE POS: Ask and answer questions

3D Art with a Christmas meal twist

DfE POS : speak in sentences , write from memory (we thought last night that the children could then try to write down the performance they have seen as text)

We looked at this picture for the Christmas 3D Art by the way !

Triaramas with speaking and writing attitude

We linked this to out Y6 normal Christmas lessons on festive meal sketch and looked at how ee can develop listening,speaking,reading ,writing here

DfE POS : read carefully and show understanding/write from memory/ develop accurate intonation and pronunciation when reading aloud

Twinkle Twinkle Little star with a grammar twist

Well first of all as you can imagine listening to Joanne sing was a pleasure and then we had a go at changing the first line in French with new nouns, verbs and adjectives that precede a noun.Half the fun again was listening to Joanne sing the new lines and fit them to the rhythm!

DfE POS : understand basic grammar

And  finally some of us felt that we could really enjoy and extend our Y6 learners with the ideas in

the magic of Christmas

Assesment update :

Steph Pierre shared with us the assessment she has been carrying out in one of her schools.Steph is an ex HOD and native French speaker and has a very clear way of recording and processing the progression in skills  linked to our in house model .We will be sharing this in local CPD next year too with Steph and other associates in the team sharing their  hands on real work.Note to Emilie and Jo G - email Steph and ask for a copy!

Inspectoon report 

Joanne, Janet W and Andrea have all been seen recently by inspectors and have had very good feedback and a special well done to Andrea! Andrea has joined us to cover Catherine whilst on maternity break! Congratulations Catherine! Andrea was inspected in her second week at the school where she covers Catherine.What a success .Well done Andrea!

What is so wonderful about my colleagues is how hard they work and it did make me smile that Andrea went home to make paper puppets based on my

paper puppets

to use with KS1 today in Spanish whilst they practise their song el granja de mi tio!

 At about 9,30 last night i was sent this picture from Andrea............

Hope the children and Andrea enjoy this today!

DfE project update:teacher led CPD 

This year our associates are working hard with me on our 

DfE project

 with WSTA.We had news to catch up on based on their work in the local networks and how they are beginning to move from teachers to trainers for teacher led CPD. Jayne,Claire and Emilie are already up and running as network leaders and Ana and Emilie are busy training teachers in French and Spanish. Steph has written some of our resources in French and Spanish to share with BC FLAs at meetings etc .Barbara is putting sound files in to German,Joanne is singing and performing for us so that we have creative materials to share and Jo G and I are meeting this morning to review progress in KS3 plus to finalise Joe Dale on Monday! 

Huge thanks to them all! Here's to next term!