Gute Nacht Gorilla! A brilliant KS2 Year 6 taster story to explore

Well I am in Germany and having a great time looking around for the books we need to support our local schools where they teach German in KS2.

Firstly I wanted a really simple book that has a sophisticated punchline for taster German learners in UKS2 that @JoBeeG73 can use when she goes out from her secondary school to her local primary cluster and Year 6.See her blog for as she shares her German taster sessions over the course of the academic year.

This morning I found it and I love it! (It does exist in English but in German there is so much to unpack and allow young language learners to explore when they have been learning a different foreign language at primary school throughout KS2)
It's called "Gute Nacht Gorilla! "by Peggy Rathmann

Such a simple story but with Year 6 beginners,who have acquired language skills in a different foreign language in KS2 you can continue their skills development and :
  • practise simple spoken language :greetings and farewells,
  • transfer the skill and look for cognates/semi cognates in a new foreign language: in the jungle animal names between English and German
  • transfer the skill and practise key sounds in German for example (Nacht /Löwe/Hyäne etcetra)
  • transfer the skill and practise using a German- English bi-lingual dictionary and change the animals and practise the pronunciation
  • continue to be grammar explorers and look at the use of capital letters at the start of all nouns
  • allow the children to share and create with you simple recall games,based on games they have enjoyed in their previous target language learning in KS2
  • practise pronunciation,intonation and memory skills and create your own memorable and humorous spoken performances of the simple story (perhaps to share with a younger year group)  
  • create a written record as a cartoon strip and allow independence so that the children can add their own animals or change the greetings or the visual  punchline
  • take a cultural tour of zoos in Germany and compare the animals with those we see in zoos here in England 
And so it's over to you now Jo! I loo forward to reading your blog reports!