Autumn and a walk in the park

Over the next couple of weeks in primary school you will be busy getting ready with children to celebrate harvest time and Autumn. We celebrate Autumn in our SOW and it's a great way to practise simple familiar and useful language.

It's also this year going to be one of the ways we practise directions in the target language.With Year 5 we practise directions and finding our way to places just after October half term . On Twitter these sensory gardens caught my eye ,made by 5AWB at William Barcroft Junior School @5AWBJunior   !

Why well in LKS2 we take our children on Autumn walks and practise simple action poems and rhymes. 
In Year 5  these sensory gardens could become Autumn walks and Autumn open spaces 3D maps
We can create our "spooky" autumn walks " with lift the leaf flaps to find our "spooky characters" or our Autumn treasure hunts to find the hidden treasures or woodland characters!

  1. Each child creates their own 3D Autumn gardens/parks.walks 
  2. Each child hides pictures of woodland characters or spooky characters underneath or inside items on their maps.
  3. The children will be practising prepositions and directions as part of their town and city focus so all they will be doing is transferring this knowledge to a new and more creative language learning opportunity! 
  4. Each child writes  simple directions for another child to follow to find the hidden characters.

How successful they are will be assessed by the children who read the directions and locate the hidden characters!