3D scene questions ,answers and clay figures

What a brilliant idea I have just come across.
Take a look below!
It's creative, imaginative and a wonderful way to bring together questions and answers to create simple exchanges of language. The site on which I found this wonderful idea is a site called "Val d'Arve news" as part of the Ecole Val D'Arve. Thank you so much! Here's the link to the Val d'arve news.

What do I like about this?
Well for a start it links art,literacy and dynamics of people's conversations and situations with target language knowledge.
It's an opportunity to practise accurate independent writing of questions and answers at whatever stage your language learners may be.
It's a great way as well to set up some real life drama snap shots too - like physical instagrams.
It's also a tool that we can use in KS2,in KS3 if we work with the Art and Drama departments and possibly to create our own "Wallace and Grommit" or "Morph" sketches using APPs and IT in KS2,3,4 and 5

How should we approach this?
  • Firstly ask the children to work in pairs to generate questions and answers that demonstrate the dynamics in a relationship between for example : 

a mother and a child
two friends
a husband and wife
a teacher and a pupil
a policeman and a lost person
  • Ask them to consider what might be the potential questions and answers between these people and and how would the people sound and what actions would they use?
  • Ask the children to draw their dialogues as cartoon sketches ( sure a lot of us already do this)
  • share with them some of the scenes and clay models on the Val d'Arve site. 
  • Now make it 3D with clay models and sets - just like the teacher here in the Ecole Val d'arve has done!

Take a look at some of their clay models (how they convey the dynamics of the situation and the people) and scene sets (how they have cultural references in the back drop) and how they have added their speech bubble questions and answers (which add the text we need to interpret the event)!Brilliant. Thank you for the ideas Ecole Val'd'Arve!

Hope this inspires you too!