Abstract art and beginners target language learning.

Sometimes the simplest things inspire! Take  a look at this simple but wonderful book that I have just bought  myself ! I love "Art" and particularly abstract art. 

This week @valleseco  has been sharing ways to make sure that schools can make the time  for primary language learning and has listed and described ways that schools can make time for languages across the curriculum as additional activities:Time for languages.

Simple ideas that many of us already consider and ways that many of us already plan for and use to generate additional language learning.These ideas work just as well where the class teacher delivers the language learning or where the class teacher engages with the languages teacher, be it a visiting teacher or a PPA swap.In these instances there is definitely the scope to add five and ten minute "class teacher ownership " learning opportunities.Why not go cross curricular?

So how do the book at the top of this blog and the article about time allocation link together? Well this book is just one example of how we can create effective cross curricular links with language learning ,.... (and possibly use authentic target language literature as well)

Take a look inside! Go to Amazon.co.uk here 30 cercles and get a taste for this very simple book which could be used in target language learning for five minute additional activities to 

  • practise numbers, (Maths)
  • colours, size, (Maths)
  • commands like "find","touch","draw"  (classroom communication skills)
  • explore famous Art and artists. (Art)
For example : Vassily Kandinsky cercles concentriques 1913

Kasimir Malevitch cercle noir vers 1923

I am certain that primary minds are now buzzing... why not create your own abstract art books with colours or squares or lines?????
Mondrian comes to mine and Kandinsky once again....

Ask the children to create their own group abstract art books with numbers ,colours and shapes from 0-10 or 11-20 or 20-30 and ask them to name their pieces of art too.Each child must take responsibility for two pieces of art in the style of an abstract artist.