Colours and supporting all staff to get on board

Getting on board with primary languages can seem really challenging and especially when you want everyone on the staff to grow in confidence. This week Emilie, Ana and I are out and about ,delivering staff CPD to every member of staff within a school,practising language and encouraging staff to try out some transferable activities using simple language.
Remember these are start up activities and they will also become favourite activities that can be played for five minutes when teachers have time outside of the language learning allotted time.

Below are some short activities which can help to build staff confidence and also engage young learners using target language colours.

Here is a You tube clip to help teachers who need to boost their own confidence in saying the colours in French

Here are several activities already : repeating what you see/ writing the colours in the air in "real" French cursive handwriting and playing a game of spotting the colours.
Very quickly your teachers and classes can 
  • create their own demonstrations of colour with items around the classroom , 
  • practise passing written colour messages from one child to another, 
  • create a class treasure hunt where the first colour, a  labelled item with its colour  has another written colour card next to it that leads you to find the next item in this colour with a label etc
  • a game of "find me! " but with objects on the classroom.
  • create a dance mat game where the teacher puts down on the floor up to 9 different coloured cards or mats.One child calls a colour and another child must stand on the coloured mat or card on the floor.Get faster and faster and see how many the children can get right first time 
  • play colour corners in the hall as a PE warm up game
And here is a Spanish clip to help your colleagues with Spanish colours. 

And in German .........

and the German words....

Now for numbers (numbers and activities ) and ways to practise that simple here!