A celebration fit for a King...first blog post ! Party hats at the ready!

What an opportunity to have a Spanish street party to celebrate both the end of a school year and a year of learning Spanish and the coronation of a new King of Spain!

So how can we celebrate:

Let's first of all make sure we have our party hats ready for the party!

Source and look at pictures of hats  that people have worn on special celebration occasions. Ask about the colour and ask class to say which hat they like the best.

Turn the pictures of hats over and play a team guessing game ”¿De qué color es?”- you will need numbers on the back of the hats so they can say  for example “Dos, es azul”. Ask a team to guess the colour. Ask what colour the hat is that the class can see, when you reveal the hat . team keeps the hat if they got it right. 

Don't forget hats for the royal family! Follow this Spanish You Tube clip and find out how to make hats fit for a princess!You will need to pause the clip to allow the children to discuss what they see and record their English instructions too - if they want to write down the steps.

Don't forget a crown for the King!

You can create your own simple set of Spanish instructions to make the crown so simple from a paper plate from the  website link here

Or again you could watch this You tube Clip with the class and follow the simple instructions.

Or if you prefer the class can follow this You Tube clip with no words .... demonstrating how to make an Origami  paper hat.

And now you are ready for a class Spanish party hat game......!

Mi gorro tiene cuatro puntas
Mi gorro tiene cuatro puntas,
Cuatro puntas tiene mi gorro,
Si no tuviera cuatro puntas,
¡Ya no sería mi gorro!

  • Practise the rhyme above with the class – can they link it to a rhyme they might know in English (My hat it has four corners , four corners has my hat
  • Add actions for the  children to do every time the word “chapeau” -hat – is said  , for each number and an action to represent a corner.
  • Practise the rhyme. Add the actions .
  • Now repeat the rhyme and miss a key  action  word  out .The children should only do the action and not say the word .
  • Repeat until all key action words have been replaced by just an action.
Create as street bunting for your celebration fit for a King, designer hat pictures with a Spanish twist .... in the style of Gaudi, Picasso or Juan Miro! 
Hang the bunting across your classroom for the duration of your celebrations.

Now what about the food?........