A celebration fit for a King.... second blog post.Bring something to eat and drink!

Last year for the Diamond Jubilee we created our own street party food and the ideas poured in from network schools and their creative children!

So this year why not spend a lesson looking at fresh and healthy Summer fruits and vegetables in the target language.
Play some simple memory, pelmanism and challenge games and then ask your children to select at least four items for their own party drink and party kebab create for the celebration fit for a King. 
Perhaps you could display these or ask children to speak about the ingredients in their creations!
Or even better why not make some of them and try them out! 

Create a kebab!

Create a fruit cocktail!

And then don't forget the celebration cake!
Hold a simple class survey about the decorations below and see which two decorations are the ones the class likes the most for their cake fit for a King! 

diamante de choclate
bolitas de colores
coronas de choclate
fideos de chocolate (hundreds and thousands)

So all we need now is music,lights, a party game  and dancing...........................!