Tour de France Sequence of Lessons

Follow and celebrate the Tour de France 2014 as it travels from Yorkshire through England and across to France 

and around ,up and down and through the country! 

This afternoon we having been discussing the tour de France! Here are a sequence of lessons that I have helped to create based on the resources you can find here 

tour de France links and resources

Below are some ideas for us firstly to use in all target languages: 

A virtual tour of the Tour de France !

A virtual tour from Yorkshire to the finishing line in Paris

Let’s create our own virtual 3D tour and add our own 2D and 3D famous buildings from cities on the way  to the finishing line . Create a 3D tour Eiffel for the finishing line!

Here's a video clip to help us achieve this 

And follow this link to find 

3D tour Eiffel 

to complete your 

own virtual 3D class tour 

Physical Grammar Game


The class need to decide on three symbols to represent nouns, adjectives and verbs. Stand up right for a noun, wiggle your body for an adjective and pump your arms for a verb ( just like you would have symbols in Charades for book, film, musical etc.

Divide your class into “Tour de France t-shirt teams- different coloured t-shirts . No team should be le maillot jaune/la camiseta amarilla or das gelbe Tshirt. This one is for the winners!

Let’s brainstorm nouns, adjectives and verbs that we associate with the tour de France. Can access these in the target language in bilingual dictionaries .

Here are some to start us off  ……….


Cyclist , bike , wheel, tyre, puncture , race ,helmet , t-shirt , shorts ,road ,city ,start, finish ,speed, power….


,fast , fit ,tired, thirsty, determined , exciting, powerful , competitive ,breathless


To push , to pedal ,to race ,to compete, to challenge , to cheer, to watch , to participate, to win , to lose , to pass , to crash, to celebrate

A volunteer  from a team selects a word from a cycle bag and decides if it’s a noun, an adjective or a verb. They must mime this – one point for getting this correct and then they must mime the meaning of the word- one more point for the team if they can guess and say it in the target language. If you play this UKS2 Year 6 or with KS3 with there are two bonus points with UKS2 if they can put the noun or the adjective in to a simple sentence and can any of them create a first person singular present tense statement with a verb (e.g. I push , I pedal, I race etc )? Verbs would b e at the teacher’s discretion – depending on whether they are regular verbs or not in the first instance.

Cyclists on tour- a language recall game!

You will need  

dice ,different coloured

counters for the players and the board,which you can download here 

Simple tour de France and sports vocabulary game

It doesn't just need to be abut sports though on!

Divide your class in to teams of four .How many times around the board can the children race before the end of a designated amount of time – on a countdown timer ? If they land on an odd number they have to pick up a picture card and say the word they see in the target language. If they land on an even number they have to ask a question of another person in the game. They cannot repeat the question that was said by the last player to land on an even number. The winner of the race will own the yellow jersey and will have been around the board the most times or got the farthest around the board before the end of the timed race!

Our own class jerseys!

Take a look


 at the jerseys that are rewarded during the whole race  

Can the class design their own Tour de France jerseys – either on real plain white t-shirts or as card cut outs for a class mobile or display? Each of these t-shirts should have written on them the characteristics of a true sportsman in the target language – either as single words or as simple present tense sentences using the verb “to be”  

Superlative t-shirts

Take a look at how to form the superlative in the target language . a good activity again for Year 6 or KS3 .In your class which characteristics make the best members of the class …. The most organised, the most creative, the tidiest , the most helpful, the kindest. Now can your class help you to design reward t-shirts for the duration of the Tour de France?these can be awarded for the “superlative” people in your class during the Tour de France! Display the t-shirts with their superlative labels for all to see and add the faces of the children who win these t-shirts one by one.

Poster Power Poem Performances! 

Why not create your own Power Poem Performances using posters as stimulus for draft writing of poems which can be short such as a haiku made up of adjectives or verse by verse present tense sentences using a noun verb and adjective to describe elements of the Tour de France. The children  perform the poems and bring the posters to life!

Here's the link to the blog post with the

poster power poem

 lesson guide and below is a poster that inspired me!

And finally for French language learners ….

Food Fest

Let’s go on a Tour de France food fest and take in the regional foods. Let’s have a food-tasting journey and keep an E- journal of the foods we try – photos, sound file comments and short videos of foods we try or foods we find on line. Take a look at this article of 40

Tour de France

 regional recipes 

Mon vélo est blanc

Let’s learn and perform this simple poem for a school assembly. Why not adapt the poem and change the colours.

mon velo est blanc

Or take a break and watch with KS2 children

le petit Nicolas le