World Cup Lessons Ready to go !

We are getting ready for the World Cup in the Network
Celebrate the diversity of languages
Link language learning to sport and performance
Take a journey to meet children around the World
Find out more about target language countries, emblems and the footballers!

As part of our  support work in  the network we will be offering teachers the opportunity to celebrate the World Cup . Resources and ideas are located here World Cup in French , Spanish and German . Most of the lesson plans and our own JLN resources and ideas can be adapted to other languages too!

We have sourced online resources that can help you to create a bespoke sequence of lessons and have added links to World Cup resources such as 
on Lightbulb resources World Cup , where you will find lots of downloadable activities and resources that could enhance the lesson focuses below. 

How are we could we put these ideas and resources together in to a sequence of lessons with language learning at the hear of them?
Well as they say in football term "' 'ere we go, 'ere we go' ere we go!".....

Catch a greeting

Let's start by catching a greeting 

Take a look at the lesson plan here 

Create a football chant of our own
Take a look at the lesson plan
It's called A football chant of our own

Let's meet children from around the footballing world
Let's create target language conversations and get to know them
Take a look at the lesson plan
It's called Meeting children from the target language countries

Hold a flag bearers parade
Based on a primary languages and drama lesson
Take a look at the lesson plan
It's called Countries and flags of the World

Meet the footballers!
Find out about the teams on the Fifa website
Listen to and find out about the languages they speak
Create the personalities and characteristics of the footballers
Take look at the lesson Who is the person inside the player?

Participate in the world Cup Warm Ups!
Take a look at our simple 
World Cup Warm Up Lessons and PPTs 
Create routines with numbers and actions
Create a class warm up song for the Summer term PE lessons

Put your PE lessons into French, Spanish and German!
Warm ups, pass and shoot, dribbling, invasion sports activities !
Here are the World Cup Football Games 
Just find the correct file- French, German or Spanish
Hold a "Football Finale" or a World Cup performance
Why not teach the children ......

A Spanish Dragon Football poem
The Rock the Capitals  South American Countries  Rap
A Tunisian rhyme and song in French or Spanish

J'ai laissé mon ballon 
Mi pelota   

And now you have your sequence of World Cup lessons in the net!