A journey worth the taking: as a little girl I remember my Grandma sharing with me Miss Hilton's suitcase. This was no ordinary suitcase as this was the suitcase of a distant relative who had travelled and had been on "European Tours" at the start of the 20th Century.

I was fascinated by the labels on this suitcase which told me a story of places she had visited.

Yesterday on Twitter I received this tweet below.....  

gentlework pic.twitter.com/KdTBALZ9B6
Next half term with our Year 5 children we will take them as tourists on a journeys around target language (French , German , Spanish) cities and places. 
Using the picture above as a model and referring the children to globes,class atlases  and going on Google Map journeys we will be able to link geography, culture and language learning together to create our own artistic versions of the journeys and the cities and the experiences the class share on their learning journey.

Let's use country maps, zoom in with city maps , take print offs of google map,track where we can visit on Google Maps and add imaginary postcards . We can add items to touch and feel and smell associated with the city e.g.Sevilla - orange blossom.