Presents to make and writing to send in the target language for Mothers Day

Presents to make and writing to send in the target language for Mothers Day .........


t's nearly Mothers Day and I decided that the schools we work in should as always celebrate Mother's Day in the target languages .

We create simple cards and gifts for all the children to take home to their favourite carer !

These ideas from 


 can only but inspire everyone  no matter which language you teach . It was the la fête de grand -mère on 2 March 2014 in France but why could we use the ideas below to celebrate our Mother's Day this year?

If you teach French then all the better because you can use the lesson with the older children in KS2 as a reading and following instructions and pictures activity.

Take a look at what you could make and then read my ideas on how you could develop a  target language writing activity linked to the present :

instructions for the bouquet of flowers in French

Bouquet of flowers 

On each petal of each flower the children  can write one letter of their message to wish their mum or carer "Happy Mother's Day " in the target language and say that they love them!

instructions for the photo frame

Photo Frame

A picture in the frame is pretty obvious but what about the children thinking of all the adjectives that describe their mum/ carer the best and looking these up in a bi-lingual dictionary or using a word frame .The children can  fill the frame with all the kind and caring adjectives and phrases they can find and think of for their mum/ carer . With UKS2 children encourage them to use adjectival agreement carefully for their female carer  . 

instructions for the boite d'amour

Boite d'amour

Ask the children to trace around their boite d'amour template and then make a card template which they should cut out and  draw around  on paper three times so that have  three paper  heart shapes that will fit in the boite d'amour

On each heart shape they should on one side write a simple "I like" sentence about something the child likes to do with their mum or favourite carer e.g. "I like to go for a walk with you  " " I like to listen to music with you"   "I like to cook with you " , "I like to play football with you " 

You should brainstorm these phrases first and make a collection on the flip chart or whiteboard .

On the other side of the heart they should draw a picture to represent what they have attempted to say in the target language on the heart .

Put all the hearts picture side up in the box and give as  a present on Mother's Day . 

And then don't forget to read for the children the most marvellous story in the third person singular about why "Mum " is a super hero according to the story by the wonderful Anthony Browne  

In French..................

In Spanish.................

story clip

In German .................