Who lives here?

Who lives here?  - talk prompts
In the schools I work with , some schools that have been teaching languages for five years or so have reached a point where they want to encourage the learners  UKS2 to revisit , extend and develop their use of the target language To support them with this,I have begun to trial talk prompts and to encourage the children to think creatively in the language, using the language they have already practised.
For example below there are some photographs of doorways .These are used a a photo stimulus to encourage children to "think outside of the box" and create the characters that could live behind the doors and entrances to houses Who lives here?What do they look like?Do they have any pets? What do they enjoy doing?  
Children work in pairs to develop characters and lifestyles and then share their ideas with a second pair - each pair taking it in turns to ask the questions and respond to the questions .
Feedback can then be a whole class sharing of ideas with the teacher prompting class talk by asking several pairs what their response is to a specific question 
The talk prompts and the spoken language they use can then be developed in to simple creative writing in either the first or third person singular.