Getting started with rocket mobiles

So you have just started teaching and learning a language in your school. It's likely that you have practised numbers , colours , a greeting , saying a name phrase.
Every year this rocket launch works a treat!
It allows children to read the key phrases and for you to use this as an AfL tool at this stage of the first year of language learning- has some of the core language stuck? Can the children recall the core language and how easily can they read the core language .
All you need is a rocket template and a name phrase on the rocket that the children should use to name their rocket before they launch it!
Using simple shapes with a written colour and a number between 1-10 inside the shapes. Ask the children to cut out , re-order  the shapes numerically as they wish. For example  this example has two rocket booster engines - one made up of even numbers and one made up of odd numbers between 1-10. 
They must then find a way to make the shapes and the rocket into a mobile so that they can  hang their mobile with other mobiles in the classroom to make the statement that they have launched their language learning!